Find Drivers for Shipments. Instantly.

An over-the-road and on-demand truckload marketplace.

The FleetOps Factors

Connect in Real-time

FleetOps connects you with drivers on the road, right now. We know where they are, and whether or not they have capacity for your shipment. These are real-time transactions, and real-time updates.

Optimize Communication

The FleetOps process simplifies every step between you and delivery. You send shipment information and available drivers accept it. No more back-and-forth. No more paperwork.

Maintain Reliability

We analyze driver behaviour, vehicle operation metrics, and hours of service compliance, to produce driver ratings that give you complete confidence that you’re working with a professional.

Our Partners

FleetOps leverages the power of the largest fleet management and telematics providers in the world. We couple their data with algorithmic processes and predictive analytics to create a truckload marketplace that works in real-time, and over-the-road. This powerful data gives us the ability to give you insight into driver behaviour, shipment updates, and incoming revenue.

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