8 ELDs. 227K Drivers. One Network.

We power a network of load boards embedded inside leading ELD solutions. When you work with FleetOps, you can access 227K drivers, and automate your coverage in the spot market.

Trusted by North America's largest brokerages

We give you a new path to coverage.

Secure reliable coverage
Our network of ELD load boards can verify truck availability in real-time. We match freight with trucks before carriers start searching.
Automate carrier vetting
We pre-check the carrier for you. Tell us your requirements, and we’ll build them into our booking experience and ensure every carrier meets your standards.
Get visibility on every load
We connect live loads with ELD data and plug into your tracking workflow to give you constant updates. Don’t have a load tracking system in place? Get in touch with our team.
Automate all your freight booking
Trusted carriers can book freight instantly, and new carriers can be onboarded rapidly. Our Instant Book option automates your coverage and expands your network.
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FleetOps In The News

On this episode of FreightWaves Insiders, Dooner catches up with FleetOps CEO Chris Atkinson to talk about trucking technophobia, digital freight brokerages vs. digital freight matching, building an AI FreightTech company, and what FleetOps is more like — Tinder, Bumble or FarmersOnly?
Timothy Dooner
FreightWavesTV - Host & Producer
"FleetOps, the data-driven freight marketplace, has raised a seed funding round of $6MM to further deploy its industry-changing technology and proprietary dataset to brokerages around the globe."
"FleetOps...have asserted that fragmentation within the trucking market makes access to critical data for decision-making an entrenched and severe problem for counterparties on all sides of the freight logistics markets."

A Network Built on ELD Data and Machine Learning

Freight matching only works when you have a full picture of driver behaviour. Our algorithm leverages hours of service data and engine data, but also pairs this with other inputs like carrier preferences, search history, and application usage. With this clearer picture we make sure our predictive model learns faster, so that you have a better chance of getting your freight to the right carrier, regardless of market conditions.

Access Carrier Capacity

Frequently asked questions

How do you make money?

We charge brokerages a transaction fee when we successfully match them with drivers.

How many telematics providers are you partnered with?

We’re partnered with eight major providers.

What does it cost to automate freight booking?

For you, it shouldn’t cost anything. We're here to do all the heavy lifting, and even embed our resources with your team.

What if I don’t want to automate anything, what if I want to build a private network?

No problem, we’ll run an overlap analysis and help you interact with your carrier-base in a new, and automated experience.

How do you build trusted networks within the marketplace?

Beyond pre-checking the carrier for you, we’ll help you create a cohort of trusted FleetOps drivers that you can interact with more regularly.

How is this different than the leading load board solutions?

3 main ways:

  • We go where the drivers are, there is a lot of fragmentation across apps, we interact with the carrier through the interface they’re already using.
  • With valuable ELD data, we’re very good at recommendations ~1/3 of our recommendations are accepted.
  • We’ve managed to aggregate these ELDs into one network
How do I get started?

Schedule a call with a team member via the link below.

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