Automate Trusted
Capacity Coverage.

The only freight solution embedded across multiple ELD applications that unlocks capacity and data insights for brokers and 3PLs while providing personalized load options to carriers.

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Unique Freight Solutions

For Digital Logistics Providers

Disitribute your clients' loads to carriers in one of the industry’s
most seamless interfaces.

For Carriers

Personalise your experience to get relevant
recommendations within our white-labeled load
boards. We take the guesswork out of booking with
your trusted network.

Trusted by North America’s largest freight brokers

Bring Efficiencies to Your

Unparalleled data and machine learning allow you to streamline your business:

  • Free load posting
  • Engaged owner-operator, driver, and dispatcher audience
  • Carrier visibility for shipment tracking
  • Automated freight bookings
  • Data analytics and insights
  • Book It Now Feature
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Rethink the Spot Market

Introducing Capacity Link. Empower your Carrier Reps with the ability to gain insights on where their in- and out-of-network carriers are located. Book your trusted capacity more efficiently.

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Recent News

In this week's 10-44, Jason and Matt talk with FleetOps co-founder and CEO Chris Atkinson about how his company used ELD data to determine the "Five Sleepiest States" where truck drivers most often take longer rest breaks. According to FleetOps' data, those states are Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Nevada and New Mexico.
"FleetOps, the data-driven freight marketplace, has raised a seed funding round of $6MM to further deploy its industry-changing technology and proprietary dataset to brokerages around the globe."
"FleetOps...have asserted that fragmentation within the trucking market makes access to critical data for decision-making an entrenched and severe problem for counterparties on all sides of the freight logistics markets."

On this episode of FreightWaves Insiders, Dooner catches up with FleetOps CEO Chris Atkinson to talk about trucking technophobia, digital freight brokerages vs. digital freight matching, building an AI FreightTech company, and what FleetOps is more like — Tinder, Bumble or FarmersOnly?

Timothy Dooner
FreightWavesTV - Host & Producer

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FleetOps is a freight marketplace embedded across ELDs that matches trucking companies with shipment opportunities using ELD data and carrier preference. Leveraging the data allows us to provide insights to brokers and 3PLs looking to bring trust and efficiency to the logistics market.