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We empower Carriers with the tools they need to run their businesses better.
We deliver operational tools that enable trucking companies of all sizes to execute effectively.
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FleetOps started by developing a freight marketplace that was powered by ELD data. By white-labeling this product we were able to distribute directly through telematics companies. Their customers (trucking companies) access an ever-growing freight catalog and receive personalized recommendations based on their telematics data. This product plugs into a variety of logistics service providers (3PLs, 4PLs, TMS, Capacity Management, and more) and makes it seamless to transact with trucking companies.

While working closely with trucking companies and logistics service providers we realized that while ELD data unlocks efficiencies, it’s not the full picture. So in the last year, we’ve developed first-of-their-kind partnerships with OEMs in the tractor and trailer industry. Our teams are working tirelessly to develop and enhance optimization solutions that increase the profitability of small to mid-size fleets. Later this year we will be releasing the product to a much larger audience. 

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We’re a 30-person team headquartered in Toronto, spread across North America. We are made up of brokers and logistics professionals, scientists, engineers, software designers, product managers, and innovators.

Liselle D'Costa


Enthusiastic violinist. Ardent traveler. Shutterbug

Mike Bennewitz


Strength athletics junkie. Hiking enthusiast. Avid reader.

Chelsy Albertson

UX Design

Nature lover. Nerdy gamer. Pop Punk drummer.

Joshua Loong

Data Science

Obsessive book reader. Catan enthusiast. Triathlon dabbler.

Joy Dallaire

Customer Success

Gourmand. Science nerd. Video game addict.

Jeff Zats


Passionate traveler. Renewable energy enthusiast. Part-time foodie.

Chris Atkinson
Co-Founder & CEO
Harshal Jethwa
Co-Founder & CTO
Amit Ahluwalia
Josh Keller
Co-Founder & Director,
People Ops & Culture
Ahmed Sharifi
VP, Engineering

We empower Carriers with the tools they need to run their businesses better.

We believe that the largest problems in logistics are actually data problems. Specifically, asymmetric access to data. Neither side of any transaction has the full set of data required to make a decision. Drivers don’t know the opportunity cost of taking a shipment, or what rate a broker might give them.

This problem can now be solved because via the ELD mandate every driver and their data has been connected to the internet.

By combining the power of The FleetOps Network with best-in-class software, we empower our Carriers and OEM partners with the tools they need to earn more money and spend less time managing their businesses.



We are a transparent organization that is committed to authenticity and meritocracy.


We design for the future and aim for excellence in everything we do.


We are a culture that listens and respects the ideas of others to retain and share knowledge with the premise that the best idea prevails.


Ready to connect? We are growing rapidly and need a team of ambitious people to join across a variety of specialties.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible working hours

  • Remote options

  • 4 weeks PTO

  • Health, dental, and vision plans

  • 401k plans

  • Stock options

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"FleetOps, the data-driven freight marketplace, has raised a seed funding round of $6MM to further deploy its industry-changing technology and proprietary dataset to brokerages around the globe."
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FreightWavesTV - Host & Producer

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