• Matching vs. Connecting: We don't just connect you to trucks, we match you, leveraging millions of data points to quickly identify drivers most likely to accept your shipment.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Our system uses artificial intelligence to process driver preferences & ELD data to find the best trucks, make sure they're compliant and have enough shift time remaining to pickup and deliver your freight on schedule.
  • Cost Optimization:Our system learns about your business over time so it can find better matches for you. Better matches shortens negotiation time and keeps rates low so you can focus on booking more freight.
  • Fast Driver Access: Our system pushes loads through the driver's ELD application which is faster than a load board and provides access to all drivers on the system, not just those actively searching the boards for your post.
  • Time Savings:Our system searches for you and finds better matches so you don't waste time talking to drivers who can't haul your shipments.
  • It's 100% FREE!
  • See our How it Works page for more information.
  • We have access to hundreds of thousands of drivers across the USA and Canada.
  • 20,000 drivers are actively using the system and we expect to have 100,000+ fully onboarded by the end of 2018.
  • We have a strong concentration of vans, reefers and flatbeds.
  • Since we're integrated with ELDs, we also have many specialized trucks on the system.
  • Once you post your freight, our algorithm identifies the best trucks for your load, considering things like.
    1. Equipment type, location, preferred lanes, remaining shift time and more.
  • We send your load to the driver's ELD, guaranteeing they see your freight first.
  • From there, they can accept the load with a click, negotiate or call you directly.
  • FleetOps is completely free for brokers.
  • Drivers pay a small administration fee when they accept your load.
  • Right now, our only focus is on doing a great job of matching your freight to trucks.
  • In the next few months, we're launching:
    1. A faster way to post your freight.
    2. An improved, easy to use interface.
    3. Automated, live shipment tracking.
    4. Simple document exchange between brokers and drivers.
    5. More information on the drivers you match with.
    6. A ratings system for drivers.
    7. And more!
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    1. Email:
    2. Phone: 1-888-349-7340
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