FleetOps Raises $6M to Bring its Platform and Applied AI Solution to Brokerages Globally

FleetOps has raised a seed funding round of $6MM to further deploy its industry-changing technology and proprietary dataset to brokerages around the globe.

Founded in 2017, FleetOps sits at the center of the logistics data equation by offering greater opportunities and flexibility to three sides of the marketplace: drivers, brokerages, and telematics. The round was co-lead by Inspired Capital and Resolute Ventures, along with Hike Ventures, Basecamp Fund, Newark Venture Partners, BCF Ventures, Panache Ventures, and Brian Thomas.

In addition, FleetOps is announcing new partnerships with Loadsmart, project44, and Shipwell—cutting-edge companies across the freight industry. To continue driving FleetOps rapid growth, the company has hired Bert Goo as VP of Sales and Partnerships. Goo brings twenty years of experience in freight matching within the U.S. transportation market.

At FleetOps, we use modern data science and AI techniques to send drivers—40,000 and growing—the perfect shipment at the perfect time,” says Chris Atkinson, Founder and CEO of FleetOps. “We have spent years in the logistics space and believe that the largest industry hurdle is not tech adoption, but tech and data aggregation. We are partnering with brokers and ELD providers who are aiming to gain a competitive advantage. Our data-forward solution allows them to do just that by bringing our vision of frictionless freight transportation to life.”

Despite the challenges of Covid, FleetOps has seen the freight market strengthen over the course of 2020. Because FleetOps automates transactions, it enables brokers to gain efficiencies and effectively expand their margins. To that end, FleetOps has already seen monthly transactions increase by more than 100% this year.

“FleetOps is bringing a key technology layer to the logistics market, by enabling brokers to find drivers with available capacity and significantly cutting their costs. We are excited by Chris’s unique vision to leverage data and serve all sides of the industry as an additive technology partner,” says Charlotte Ross, Principal at Inspired Capital. “FleetOps’ strategy has been accelerated by the ELD mandate and is directly solving the ‘empty miles’ problem currently plaguing the industry—according to many estimates, at least 20% of trucks drive empty.”

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