FleetOps’ Data Reveals Trucking Industry’s Sleepiest States Across the U.S.

ELD data critical to ensuring drivers are getting adequate rest before operating vehicles of up to 80,000 pounds 

(TORONTO - May 23, 2022) FleetOps, North America’s fastest-growing capacity aggregation and freight matching platform built exclusively for brokers and third-party logistics, announced today its real-time data capabilities that provide useful insights based on information powered by electronic logging devices (ELD).

ELDs are mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to create a safer work environment for freight truck drivers by tracking and logging their time spent in the cab. This includes driving, loading and unloading, and rest. FleetOps is embedded within ELDs, where their technology consolidates this critical data to share perspective on the freight market.

“One area that has been important to review is where drivers are getting the most rest,” said Chris Atkinson, FleetOps co-founder and chief executive officer. “With national awareness and a federal commitment to improving the overall trucking industry, this data helps to narrow the scope of where, geographically, there may be opportunities to focus and understand what’s trending.”


Sleepiest States

FleetOps’ data reveals that the states drivers are stopping at for an extended rest period are either in the middle of the country or neighbors to some of the busiest freight states in America. The five sleepiest states for freight drivers are Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Nevada and New Mexico. 

Drivers are taking a break in Nevada prior to picking up or delivering loads in California, and drivers with loads en route to and from Texas are often stopping to rest in New Mexico. This leaves the majority of the top resting states as common waypoints for long-haul drivers in the middle of America.

“The single most important factor in creating efficiencies for the trucking industry is data,” said Jacob Gordon, FleetOps chief product officer. “Transparency is at the root of our mission. By harnessing time-sequenced, geo-positional data, it provides a layer of visibility for carriers and brokers alike and enables optimal matching, targeting, scheduling, bundling and pricing for users.”

Through its platform, the company captures hours of service, location and engine data as well as carrier preferences and will be launching additional tracking maps in the next month, which will include “Drive Thru,” “Most Time Driving In” and “Most Time Spent Idling In” states.  


The information is based on a random sample of 2,000 drives active in the 2022 calendar year. 

About FleetOps

Founded in 2017, FleetOps is an on-demand freight marketplace that matches freight from brokers to carriers with available capacity. The system does this by leveraging driver Electronic Logging Device data and Artificial Intelligence to improve on existing systems and increase efficiency in trucking. 

Currently boasting more than 227,000 drivers available to haul loads, the company has raised more than $8.5 million to date from investors including Resolute Ventures and Inspired Capital. FleetOps has existing partnerships with Convoy, Edge Logistics, FleetComplete, and Loadsmart. 

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