FleetOps’ Data Shows Drivers Are Leaving Hours on the Table Every Month

Drivers validate the data with 71% noting rising fuel costs and stagnant wages are major factors

(TORONTO - August 11, 2022) FleetOps, North America’s fastest-growing capacity aggregation and freight matching platform built exclusively for brokers and third-party logistics, released new data showcasing an increase in undriven hours month after month. The company additionally surveyed more than 900 carriers to better understand the catalyst behind this increase. 

Using real-time data capabilities based on information powered by electronic logging devices (ELD), FleetOps analyzed the number of driving hours by carriers each month in 2022 across the United States, which revealed undriven hours has been increasing year over year. As of June, the percentage of hours left on average increased as much as 12%. 

“This past year has certainly proved challenging for freight truck drivers, and many of their pain points and the overall difficulties of a driving job have been brought into the limelight,” said Chris Atkinson, FleetOps co-founder and chief executive officer. “It’s important for these issues to be discussed openly, as carriers are critical to the supply chain–so we get really excited when we receive data intel and survey engagement that can be shared with our partners, and allow us to collaborate on developing solutions that continue to provide operational efficiency.”

Why are drivers leaving undriven hours on the table?

Responses to FleetOps’ survey included a rise in operating expenses due in large part to the price of gas; a decline in demand; long wait times; and managing ELD mandates. 

  • Seventy-one percent of survey participants said their decision to leave undriven hours on the table was primarily due to the increased cost of fuel in combination with stagnant wages.
  • Thirty-one percent of carriers responded that they have seen a decline in demand, as there simply is not enough for them to haul due in large part to inflation.
  • Twenty-nine percent of drivers surveyed said long wait times–both picking up and delivering goods–were affecting their hours of service. Additionally, 20% noted that higher competition for low price hauls meant they were left without freight or choosing to wait until they could capture something.

"When properly processed, geo- and time-stamped data can contain valuable insights in evolving fleet trends and macroeconomics," said Jacob Gordon, FleetOps chief product officer. "Being able to harness this data and eventually predict behavior can unlock significant advantages for all sides of the marketplace—from shippers and brokers to dispatchers, fleets, and owner-operators. We're excited to continue to analyze and share these insights, coupled with real-time feedback, from the trucking community."

Visit FleetOps’ Data Spotlight for the full survey results. 

Data Source

The data as seen in this release was captured by a survey FleetOps issued to carriers, owner-operators, drivers, and dispatchers. There were 915 participants. 

The visuals are based on a random sample of 2,000 drivers active in the 2021-2022 calendar years. FleetOps is embedded across multiple ELDs capturing hours of service data, location data, carrier preferences, and engine data. It is a year-over-year comparison of the unused total cycle hours by drivers in the FleetOps system. The charts are meant to share a perspective on the spot-freight market, not to be used in making business decisions. 

About FleetOps

Founded in 2017, FleetOps is an on-demand freight marketplace that matches freight from brokers to carriers with available capacity. The system does this by leveraging driver Electronic Logging Device data and Artificial Intelligence to improve on existing systems and increase efficiency in trucking.

The company has raised more than $8.5 million to date from investors including Resolute Ventures and Inspired Capital. FleetOps has existing partnerships with Convoy, Edge Logistics, FleetComplete, C.H. Robinson and Loadsmart. Visit FleetOps.ai to learn more.

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Contact: Sawyer Lipari

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