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Humans are a critical part of freight – and they always will be

Human-in-the-loop (HITL) solutions–a model which requires human interaction–will play a significant part in the automation of the freight industry.

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Why is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

Why is there a truck driver shortage, and how is it impacting the trucking industry? Learn how the market is reacting to these changes.

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Could Self-Driving Trucks Be Good for Truckers?

Self-driving trucks are about to revolutionize the trucking industry. Can truckers benefit from these changes? Read all about it here.

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How to Find Loads for Trucks

Are you wondering how to get loads for your trucking business? Then look no further. Read our guide to discover how you can find and book trucking loads.

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The U.S.’s Sleepiest States for Freight

Using FleetOps data collected from ELD sources, we have discovered the five sleepiest states for freight. Do they match with what you expected?

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FleetOps is a freight marketplace embedded across ELDs that matches trucking companies with shipment opportunities using ELD data and carrier preference. Leveraging the data allows us to provide insights to brokers and 3PLs looking to bring trust and efficiency to the logistics market.